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Comprehensive RPA Implementation Support

RPA can be applied to the cumbersome and routine clerical tasks a company has.  The effect of its implementation is not only cost reduction, but also contribution towards reducing the burden on employees, which is difficult to quantify, and changing the way they work.

While the number of companies implementing RPA is increasing rapidly, many of them are facing the following challenges in their RPA projects.

To solve these issues and make the RPA project a success, it is not enough to just purchase a license, but you will also need a system and structure that supports the entire project.

ISIDSEA provides a one-stop service for RPA projects, from planning, development and operation to expansion.  We can provide a variety of assistance to meet your challenges and situations.

When it comes to "Operation and Maintenance", which is considered especially important in RPA, we offer a variety of remote/on-site menus to help customers succeed in their RPA projects.  We also offer ticketed maintenance, which is reasonable in terms of cost, as we will help you when and as much as you need.

Global Leading RPA Platform

UiPath is an RPA platform that is "Automation First" oriented, and which maximizes the potential of more human resources through "A Robot for Every Person" concept, in which one robot accompanies every person.

ISID and UiPath Inc. (UiPath) began full-scale business development for domestic enterprises in November 2017.  In addition, ISID Group has also started to expand its business globally in various countries from September, 2019.

ISID has a proven track record of successful implementations ranging from small start-ups to large cross-organizational deployments, with more than 200 companies selling UiPath licenses globally. 

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