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As security threats diversify, customers are challenged with the inability to choose the right type of security service from amongst the clutter.

In response to this challenge, we believe that “risk identification is the most important aspect of security measures”, and we will work with you to accurately identify your information assets and threats and take the first step involving security measures together with you.

We will conduct objective identification and visualization of the current situation, and propose specific and appropriate protection against each threat.

(Cyber Security Framework : SCF)

"OS Protection-Type" Endpoint Security Solution


With conventional detection-type security products, it has not been easy to keep systems connected to the Internet sufficiently secure, as they have to follow new cyber-attacks as they appear.  AppGuard is an OS protection-type (defensive-type) security product that protects all Net-connected systems from cyber-attacks by using the “prevention” Isolation Technology, which contains an outbreak even if a dangerous process occurs due to malware, instead of detecting and eliminating malware to “prevent infections”, as conventional detection-type products do.    

・Prevent fraudulent activity.  “Defence” instead of “Detection”

AppGuard blocks actions that could lead to an attack, regardless of the type of malware or whether it is known or unknown, and is therefore effective against zero-day attacks, unknown malware, and ransomware that target vulnerabilities.


・Defensive engine is ultra-lightweight and operates at high speed

AppGuard's ultra-lightweight defence engine of less than 1MB reduces the load on the device and can deal with a detected malware even while connected to the network. 

・No need for constant updates.  Low cost operation plus no expertise required.

Since it is not a detection-type product, regular maintenance such as pattern file updates is not required.  Less work is required after the initial policy design, thereby reducing the operational load. 

Security Awareness Training Platform


With their diversification and sophistication, cyber-attacks that target "human vulnerabilities" such as deception and spoofing are rapidly increasing both in number and the damages caused.  E-mail is mainly used, and as many of them do not use malware to deceive real organizations and people, they are able to bypass conventional security measures.


To address such issues, it is necessary to raise the level of security awareness and foster a security culture, and we have therefore begun offering solutions from KnowBe4.


KnowBe4, a US company, is offering "New School", a fifth-generation training platform.


The origin of KnowBe4 is "Know Before", or "Know Before You Get Hit".

The eighth layer, “people”, is gullible, prone to making mistakes, and is actually the most vulnerable layer, which cyber attackers will exploit.  KnowBe4 is working to overcome these human errors.

Key features are as follow:

1) World's largest integrated employee training platform combining “Security Awareness Training” and “Phishing Attack Simulation”;

2) Offering a "new way of learning" based on movie-like video content;

3) Offering an annual subscription model.

Security Risk Scouring Service
Security Scorecard

The risk of economic and social losses due to cyber-attacks continues to grow with the progress of AI and IoT.  In particular, damages caused by “supply chain attacks”, which attack large companies via suppliers and subsidiaries with weak security measures, are becoming more serious every year.

Security Scorecard is a scoring service that instantly scores the risk of such supply chain attacks and visualizes the points for improvement.  You can therefore understand the status of security measures not only for your company, but also for the entire supply chain.


Key features are as follow:

1) Constantly collects cyber-attack-related information on the Internet and provides detailed risk analysis results;

2) Scores all 10 categories of security risks over a range of 5 scales, sets goals and clarifies countermeasures;

3) Analysis is possible without affecting the operation of the target system.

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